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Release date: February 2020

Aaah-lnspiring Antarctica offers 100 pages of original photos of the scenery and wildlife taken while in Antarctica complimented by the text of the actual blog I wrote while there. The reader follows my journey from Buenos Aires to the Tierra del Fu ego National Park in Ushuaia and unto Antarctica where I joined expedition teams from the ship via Zodiac boats and landed onshore at Water Boat Point in Paradise Island and Harbour Island. It concludes with my cruise through the Chilean Fjords and a quick stop in Punta Arenas before returning home. 

It is another amazingly beautiful day in Antarctica . The temperature is only 41 degrees and there is no wind today. I pull the hood from my head – I’m slightly overdressed I think.

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 Ahead of us, a shadow – Dan is an Astronomer among his many titles; he tells us it’s the shadow of the earth. We can see it because of where we are. Almost at the very bottom of the world. The moon hovers in a strange place.


Many come for the penguins. Me…not so. I came for the scenery and fell in love with the seals. Cute fur seals, “blubberous” leopard seals and grey Weddell seals. Today I’ll get my fill as we land on the rocky shores of Hope Bay.

The Coffee Table Book

And so, I continue on. Click. Click. Click. I stay until the sun sets.  Click. Each moment more perfect than the preceding. Glorious reds, oranges, pinks and purples slipping behind stark white and black mountains and burnishing the ocean in our wake.

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