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A Jamaican on Ice

When I told my friends that I would be cruising Antarctica, many wondered why. In their minds I would be spending days looking at penguins and ice. They were wrong. The views are breathtaking like nowhere else on earth. Massive blue icebergs seem to float by, bluer than they should be. Volcanic islands disappear into clouds; brilliant white ice contrasts with dark landscapes; lazy seals drift by on ice floes, and scores of seabirds fill the skies.



simply amazing

In 2007, I had unique opportunity of setting foot on the White Continent. Now, travel with me through the eclectic streets of Buenos Aires, to the unspoiled nature of Tierra del Fuego national Park overshadowed by the rugged peaks of the Patagonian Mountains in the Southernmost City in the World, UShuaia; across the Drake Passage and unto Antarctica.

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