I can't wait to share the  details of my trip with you but more importantly to talk about the environmental impacts affecting the continent, its unique wildlife and stunning scenery.

Here I am on the deck of the Bridge with Dr. Peter Carey, Director of SAFER, the SubAntarctic Foundation for Ecosystems Research. Peter is a New Zealand zoologist who has made over 70 trips to Antarctica, including research expeditions as a scientist with the New Zealand Antarctic Program and the Australian National Antarctic Research Expedition.  Notice he only has on a short sleeve cotton shirt? 

Release date: February 2020

Walk with me through the Tango-filled streets of Buenos Aires and the stunning Tierra del Fuego National Park and it's strange history of rabbits.


This is me, posing like a superstar in Tierra del Fuego National Park in the southernmost city in the World, and jumping off point for our expedition, Ushuaia.

The Talk